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 By offering a quality inspected product at reasonably low prices, Mr. Tire King has quickly grown to become one of the premier suppliers of A, B and C Grade Used Tires in the Southeast.

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Bulk Wholesale Used Tires

We offer bulk Wholesale Used tires by the trailer load Shipped directly to your shop or storage location. Our Multiple 38,000 square foot warehouses are stocked with over 18,000 quality used tires each for virtually every passenger vehicle and light truck.


More and more tire dealers are realizing this and beginning to capitalize from this under-served market. Mr. Tire King supplies good quality used tires to over 200 tire shops, tire dealers and tire outlets across the Southeastern US. Over 200 tire establishments have come to rely on Mr. Tire King for a consistent supply of quality used tires - in the most popular tire sizes and with at least 50% remaining tire tread.

Mr. Tire King specializes in exporting used tire containers internationally and Tractor trailer loads domestically. Through our network of shipping and logistics, we can arrange to have your used tire container delivered to you quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a 20-foot or 40-foot container shipped internationally or a 53-Foot trailer shipped domestically, you can rest assured that your used tire shipment will be handled promptly and professionally.
Each tire is individually inspected to meet our quality requirements and classifications for tread. We stock and distribute all tire sizes worldwide through our extensive network of companies specializing in trucking and container logistics.


Our min order is now 1100 Tires delivered in order to get you the Best deals!

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Need less than 1100 tires? No problem if you can pick them up!

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Direct to Shop Delivery
Save time and money on travel looking for good tires.
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Used Tire Network
We network with many others in the industry to keep finding the best deals.
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Award Winning
Used Tire Quality
Each tire is individually inspected for quality before being loaded on the truck.
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Rocket Speed Delivery
Shipment delivered in 7-14 days.

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About us

We offer bulk Wholesale Used tires by the trailer load Shipped directly to your shop or storage location. We also offer an option for you to pick up smaller loads from one of our Atlanta warehouses. We started this business as a way for small to medium size tire shops to get good quality used tires in order to get repeat customers. We love to find the best deals we can so we can pass the savings down to your business so you can grow!